W3C2 offers “one stop” services in the design; development; and management and maintenance of quality, dynamic web sites for both new and existing users of the Internet and World Wide Web.

At W3C2, we are committed to quality.

We take extra care to meet our clients needs. Our goal is to give our clients the edge over their competitors in the use of this creative and exciting marketing and advertising medium. W3C2 endeavours to work with our clients throughout every stage of the web site development and creation. Our clients can be assured of seeing their ideas published on the web.
We have created websites for government and non-government organisations, businesses, schools, educational organisations, and community organisations.

Web sites that meet W3C2’s expectations and those of our client only result from a collaborative synergy between our client and us. A synergy that grows as the site develops. At W3C2, we work closely with the client throughout all stages of the design process, ensuring that the best possible outcome is achieved.


These results are assured through the use of the W3C2 Web Site Development Methodology; a process that normally involves the following steps:

Assessment of a clients requirements
Development of a site plan
Development of Graphic Design concept(s)
Site Construction
Outside Evaluation report
Loading the site to the WWW
Registering the site with search engines
Site Maintenance

What You Need To Know About Web Design

What You Need To Know About Web Design

If you have an online presence, then you know you need a professional web design to impress your visitors. The pages should include web design that is easy to read and understand. There should not be a wall of text without white space. Most visitors will scan information rather than read large blocks of text. Look for web design that entices your customers to take action. 

Web design should also include valuable information visitors need to know about your product or service. Blogs and article directories are great ways to keep your visitor interested in your website. The web design Melbourne from GMG Web Melbourne should include your company’s logo with a shopping cart. Make sure you can accept all types of payments in order to increase sales to your company.

Your business should also be easy to find in search engines. Popular search engines highlight companies that have high-quality content on their webpages. Learn about search engine optimization and other online marketing strategies that will increase the number of visitors to your page. It is important to enable comments on your pages to receive feedback from your customers. An online presence is a must-have for every company.